4 Simple Sustainability Switches for Earth Day!

In my mind every day is Earth Day, but in celebration of the official Earth Day I wanted to give 4 simple sustainability actions or switches to help out Mother Earth while also feeling like a more thoughtful human. When we are making more intentional choices we usually feel better about our daily lives over all which is powerful! Remember Bloom Empowered!

  1. C O M P O S T  -  One of the biggest switches that can seem daunting is composting food scraps. If you have a yard or space to do it composting yourself is a great option. There are so many Youtube videos and blogs online that can help with this. For those not interested in dealing with it themselves there is an amazing organization called Compost Now who services a lot of cities around America. They make it easy and all you do is fill up a container with your compostable scraps and they pick it up every week. Check your availability here to see if they service your neighborhood! I used to use them when I lived inside their limits and sadly now live a little outside the pickup range, so I now have a compost bin in the yard and do it myself.
  2. K I T C H E N   C L E A N I N G  -  Simple switches like using reusable Swedish dish cloths like those from Ten & Co.  a small Canadian business instead of one time use paper towels or premade wipes for wiping down kitchen counters is a much less wasteful option. 
  3. F O O D   P R E S E R V A T I O N  -  Try to use less one time use plastic bags by switching to the silicone reusable bags that are even dish washer safe! I love Stasher Bags! Their Instagram has great ideas and content for creative ways to use their bags. You can even find some other reusable zipper bag brands at Target. Beeswrap is a great alternative to plastic wrap around cheeses, veggies, or on top of bowls. Glass or metal containers with snap on lids are great too for soups or other more liquid foods. Try to stay away from storing food in plastic since there is research showing the phthalates (which are chemicals in certain plastics that can mess with our hormones in a negative way) can leech into our food.
  4. B U Y  S E C O N D H A N D -  When you can buy things from other people second hand whether it is clothes, camping gear, furniture, toys, or yard tools. My husband and I just bought a bunch of yard tools from Facebook Marketplace. We saved money and kept things out of the landfill that otherwise may have been thrown away. A lot of the things we use don't need to be brand new. I mean of course you wouldn't want someone else's underwear, so I'd say maybe stay away from secondhand undies ;)

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