Ladies, Let's Talk Effective Natural Birth Control and Getting to Know Your Cycle!

I was introduced to Natural Cycles 293 days ago. How do I know this down to the date? That is because I have been tracking my hormonal cycle for 293 days since I started using the app. It has been one of the MOST empowering tools for me to actually understand my body better. We could all use a little more getting in tune with our bodies in our lives right?! (After reading below and learning more if you feel this app is for you to get 20% off their yearly membership and a free basal thermometer click here!)

What is Natural Cycles you ask? It is the first FDA cleared contraceptive app which puts the power in the palm of your hand. Skip the pharmacy, no prescription needed, and hormone-free. At Sweet Efflorescence we are all about empowering our community with safe, effective, and positive ways to make life more healthful and vibrant. Natural Cycles fits that goal like a glove.

When I found Natural Cycles 10 months ago (from most likely someone posting about it on Instagram) it has become life changing because it makes me and my husband feel confident we won't get pregnant when we are trying to prevent pregnancy. I can't go back and birth control pills did not work well with my body. I was actually on them for a few years from 17-21 years old and have been off of them for the past 7+years. Some women like using birth control pills or IUDs and I totally support it if you feel good about it! I just want people to know there is another way to accurately track your cycle and not need pills or external hormones. I felt lost for years on what was the best thing to do, so I don't want others to feel that way too.

There was a short adjustment period of needing to track my temperature every morning upon waking, but now I am very used to it. I have my basal thermometer right by my bed to make it simple to remember. I also take the thermometer with me in its case when ever I travel. If you skip a day or 2 of measuring sporadically it is ok, but you really want to try your best to measure daily so the algorithm is accurate and to prevent pregnancy most effectively.

Before tracking I used to not understand my cycle at all and just guess when my period would come, although understanding your cycle is so much more than just the menstrual days. Now I understand my ovulation, my follicular phase, my luteal phase, my luteinizing hormone, and if my cycle is regular. You may be like what do those terms mean? Before tracking I didn't even know what a luteal phase was, let alone that I had one every month.

So, how exactly does the app work?

Every morning first thing when you wake up (before drinking water or walking around because these things will alter your basal temperature reading) you take your temperature orally sticking the thermometer under your tongue and clicking the button. Wait 1 minute then take it out and record the reading in your app along with other short daily questions it asks like if you have your period that day, if you have taken an LH test (this is for when you are about to ovulate), your mood, if you have PMS, if you feel sick, hungover or slept differently, etc. It will take a few weeks for the algorithm and app to understand your cycle, but once it does its predictions are pretty spot on! It will give you green days (not fertile) and red days (fertile) based on if you are safe to have sex or should abstain or use a condom or other method of prevention.

*A bonus is during Covid times it has been helpful to take my temperature every morning to know if I have a fever or not!

I soon will be switching modes in the app from Prevention to Pregnancy Planning mode. It will make conceiving easier when my husband and I are ready because we will know exactly when I am most fertile. Then when I want to switch back to prevention mode after giving birth it will be simple. 

I recommend this app to ALL ladies out who are between post-puberty and pre-menopause AND you can get 20% off their yearly membership and a free basal thermometer with this code just click here!

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