About Elderberry


Elderberry syrup is made from the fruit of either the American or European black elderberry shrub. It has a robust, slightly sweet yet tart, and earthy taste to it. This flavor combination makes elderberries one of a kind like no other berries on the market. Elderberry syrup is full of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and calcium and is usually made with raw honey. It has an immune boosting benefit, anti-viral effect, anti-inflammatory properties, and impact on cutting the duration of colds and flus. It is best to take daily (one tablespoon for adults or one teaspoon for children over the age of one) to be preventative about immune health and to aid the body when compromised. Our elderberry syrups lasts 3 months in the refrigerator or 6-8 months in the freezer.


What is Elderberry Tonic?

Our elderberry tonic is similar to our classic elderberry syrup, but with 3 differences. 1 is that it has no sweeteners added and is ZERO sugar. 2 is we added a dose of zinc to our tonic to make it even more helpful for a strong immune system. 3 is we added lemon juice for more flavor, Vitamin C, digestive help, and to give the tonic a longer shelf life. It lasts 2 months in the refrigerator or 4-6 months in the freezer. 



Sweet Efflorescence has a core mission to only use the highest quality ingredients we can find in our herbal products as well as be as eco-friendly as possible by minimizing waste in our processes and using recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging and shipping materials. We source certified organic herbs and spices. Our elderberries are tested 3rd party by our supplier for quality and contaminants like heavy metals. Our raw honey comes from a family owned business of local beekeepers who have been in the beekeeping industry since the 1990s in Georgia. We use organic ginger root powder and organic Ceylon cinnamon powders in the batches to add some extra flavor and anti-inflammatory benefits. Ceylon cinnamon is higher quality and less common than Cassia cinnamon and has long been prized as a cooking spice. It's described as having a delicate and mildly sweet spiced flavor. Our final ingredients are Wild Orange and Clove essential oils from doTERRA. We trust their sourcing and quality testing to be superior to other essential oils on the market. They can be safely ingested internally in small doses due to being medical grade oils.



The elderberry shrub has a rich history. It is thought to have been spread back in the ice age era (12,000 to 9,000 B.C.E.) to present day Europe, Asia, and North America by the retreating ice. The black European elderberry is the variety we use. There are a vast number of legends and stories over time surrounding this plant. During the Middle Ages people thought that evil spirits and witches could be repulsed by pinning elder leaves around entrances to homes. Also they would burn elder trees on Christmas Eve to reveal the identity of the witches and sorcerers in their neighborhood. They even believed it could ward off vampires. In Bohemia, people believed that illness could be transferred to the elder tree by placing a sick person’s bath water on the tree for three days while chanting. In England people wished warts away by carving a notch for each wart into an elder twig and then burying the twig. When the twig rotted away the warts were supposed to disappear, which was probably the length of time for them to go away on their own, with our without the twig. Of course these legends are regarded as silly folklore today, but there is truth to how elderberries have been shown to be pretty magical at helping the body with immunity and colds and flus. We know many people who swear by them!