Behind the Bottles


In February of 2019 Stephanie Beecham moved to Atlanta, Georgia. That move sparked a desire in her to take a leap of faith and start her own company making herbal concoctions starting with elderberry syrup.

Why elderberry syrup you ask? Multiple months previously she had tried elderberry syrup at a good friend’s house. Stephanie fell in love with the robust, sweet flavor and how she felt after drinking a spoonful of it daily. She researched the benefits and other people's experiences with elderberry and was very intrigued. So she decided to try making it herself at home and found it very enjoyable to make. She played around with sourcing of ingredients and combinations of those ingredients until she found a recipe that was “it”.

The deeper, core reason for elderberry products is she has a passion for healthier options and empowering people to take charge of their own health, and elderberries fit that healthier option. The motto BLOOM EMPOWERED comes from this desire. When she found out about the power of these berries and experienced them for herself, she decided to make it a mission to share them with others. She loved concocting elderberry syrup for her own family and saw that the community of Atlanta had a space for someone local selling it at farmers’ markets or stores. Stephanie decided to trust her gut and followed the steps to create an LLC, get a shared commercial kitchen space at Irwin Street Community Kitchens, and a food sales license to be able to provide elderberry syrup to the public. Impacting the community in a positive way and getting to build relationships with people is the heart of Stephanie’s mission.

She would not have had the confidence to start this business without her talented creative friend network from Savannah College of Art and Design. She is very grateful for their support, time, and energy to help get this dream of hers off of the ground. She has lived in multiple states and has friends that live around the country, so she decided to expand her reach outside of Georgia to ship all over the United States due to the demand and opportunity to grow. She's navigating the world of e-commerce making many mistakes and learning from them along the way! She hopes you enjoy your elderberry goodies and remember to BLOOM EMPOWERED.